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Services & Products

IDM offers the following products and services to enable and facilitate your transaction.

Enhanced Search

This is our unique, exclusive and premier product. It is available only to subscribers. See our Subscriber tab for more information. This remarkable tool is based on a powerful, full text indexed database. Searches can be made literally for any word, such as a name, including grantor and grantee, a property description, the consideration, the type of document (e.g., Conveyance or Mortgage), etc..

Land Title Insurance

Our databases and experienced personnel have met the stringent underwriting standards of prominent title insurance companies. This allows us to provide you title insurance similar to products available in the United States and around the world for your Bahamian real property investment.
For a modest fee, you can be fully protected from errors and omissions and off-record matters.

Consultative and Advisory Services

Recorded Title Particulars Report

Detailed listing of all entries in the chain of title commencing with:

  • A deed dated 30 years or more prior to our report and on record;
  • Crown Grant; or
  • Certificate of Title issued by the Supreme Court, and including:
    • Relevant documents lodged for record but not yet available for inspection
    • The description of the property as it appears in the document (if the property is described by section block and lot, the description will be exactly as it appears in the document)
    • The volume and pages where the documents are recorded
    • The types of documents
    • The dates of the documents
    • The dates the documents were lodged for record
    • The names of the parties to the documents
    • Results of any cause list or company register searches for entries in the names of those owners in the chain of title during the appropriate periods

Chain of Title Report

All the information detailed in an RTP (see above) except for any cause list or company search result

Ownership and Encumbrance Report

  • Name(s) of the owner(s) of record for a specific lot in a planned subdivision or specific Condominium unit
  • Address of the owner of record if shown in the granting conveyance
  • Any encumbrances appearing of record in the name of the owner of record
  • The name of the attorney who lodged the granting document
  • The date of the last granting document of record, the recording date, the consideration paid and the volume and pages where the document is recorded
  • Ownership and Encumbrance reports are NOT available for tracts of land or informally subdivided parcels or lots.

Named Party Search Report

Detailed listing of all recorded real property transactions involving a named party during the period time requested (of particular value to litigators and/or judgment creditors)

Cause List Report

A list of court Actions/cases to which the named individuals or companies for which you request searches are parties.

Company Search Report

The company number, date of incorporation, capital of the company, registered office, members of the company, officers and directors, and means of company document authentication.

Special Report

Reports concerning virtually any real estate information you request. In addition to any matter you request, your Special Report will include the locality or description of the property, the grantee, grantor, type of document, document date, and the volume and pages where the documents are recorded.

Document Copies

Copy of any recorded document for which the microfilm and/or image is available. We can forward the copies to you via facsimile, e-mail or overnight courier.